We Are Convinced That The Simpsons’ Writers Have Access To Time As They Predicted The Disney-Fox Deal

In a move so terrifying for the media industry, Disney has solidified a deal to acquire 20th Century Fox.

The agreement, which cost them $52.4 billion, might even lead to thousands of people getting laid off. Disney has been trying to take control for a long time. Disney owns a huge number of media properties. They’ve even attempted to suppress the voice of critics in the past after receiving an unfavorable review. However, they were boycotted by trying to freeze out LA Times.

It’s still quite unclear what the outcome of this would be.

But, Disney taking control over the media outlets was already predicted by the Simpsons. So much so that they even predicted the merger back in 1998. It’s not the first time The Simpson’s has had an eerie look into the future. For the heck of it, the show even predicted that Donald Trump would become president. Long before he even hit the campaign trail.

And we are convinced that The Simpsons’ writers have access to time as they predicted the Disney-Fox deal:

The joke plays out in the episode “When You Dish Upon A Star” of season 10, which aired in 1998:

So, it’s not at all shocking that this particular gag came true:

Somewhere in the world Trump is watching the Simpsons movie and wondering if he should build a giant dome over America:

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