These Silly Doggos Are Spying On Every Move You Make

Don’t you feel that?

The feeling that somebody is looking at your every move. And no, I am not talking about the girl from the ring. Something a lot less creepy. Well, it’s obviously our adorable doggos. I am sure all dog owners know that they love to hide and spy on us.

Even though they are even worse than Johnny English on a bad day, sure, they might scare you once in a while when you least expect it, but can we really be angry at our dogs? So that is why we have compiled some adorable pictures which show how bad dogs really are at hiding, but we love them anyway.

Scroll on below and take a look.

#1 A unique little window just for him.

Via Jan Sarmiento

#2 It would have worked if he had the same fur as the plants.

Via freddieandfreya

#3 I am more curious about that pink ribbon if I am honest.

Via patchandtaz_thebcollies

#4 You won’t realize it until you sit on the sofa.

Via usernameibarelyknewhername

#5 Oh no, he has been smushed.

Via usernameibarelyknewhername

#6 What is even happening here?

Via Imgur

#7 I can barely tell the difference between these two.

Via 2d

#8 This is me when I try to take a ‘nature picture’.

Via henderson.randy

#9 Okay, these purple flowers are photogenic af!

Via my_5_girls

#10 This is a great hiding place.

Via usernameibarelyknowhername

#11 Don’t know where to hide? What about under the bed?

Via kim_e_sue

#12 If that doesn’t work, hide on top of the bed.

Via mj12pawz

#13 I don’t see any dog, do you?

Via Wooksta

#14 This is just too cute.

Via Design_Objetos

#15 Curtains are the best place to hide when your human wants you to take a shower.

Via usernameibarelyknowhername

#16 He doesn’t want you to drive away.

Via xx_karina_x

#17 This is actually a new table style with dog legs.

Via jsgregg

Does your dog do these things too? Comment down below and let us know.

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