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15 Uncomfortable Signs You’re Actually Becoming An Adult Without Even Realizing It

15 Uncomfortable Signs You’re Actually Becoming An Adult Without Even Realizing It

Growing up is never easy.

I remember when I was a kid and wanted to grow up so badly. Boy, I was wrong. Now, all I want to do is just take naps and maybe drink a little juice. Nobody likes getting burdened with responsibilities anyway. I want to go back to being a kid again.

Here are a few signs that show you’re becoming an adult, without even realising it:

#1 You don’t have a lot of friends anymore.

You prefer quality over quantity. You’ll notice you’re slowly losing friends. Some just drift away, and some just prove that they aren’t worth your time. You don’t beg anyone to stay anymore; you just let them go.


#2 You prefer relaxing all by yourself.

It is actually quite peaceful. There’s nothing wrong with spending a little “me-time.” You get tired of going out and partying and getting drunk. Nothing beats a good weekend with a cup of hot chocolate and some Netflix.

#3 You would rather spend the night in than out.

Friday nights don’t excite you because you’re going to go to the bar with your friends. They excite you because you’ll finally get to sleep without an alarm waking you up in the morning.



#4 You can’t socialise too much anymore.

You’re lazier now. You can’t stand being in a group of people for more than a certain amount of time. You get tired of talking and hanging out too much. You just want to go home and relax.


#5 You’ve forgotten all your old dreams.

I’ve seen so many astronauts, princesses and pilots turn into engineers and accountants that it’s actually sad now.


#6 You don’t live your life trying to make everyone happy.

If there’s one truth in the world, it’s that you can’t please everyone. No matter how nice you are, or how kindly you treat people, there’s always going be that one person who shits on everything you do.


#7 You don’t mind going to therapy.

You agree with the fact that there is no shame in seeking professional help. And, it actually helps. You care about your health because you know there is no one else who is going to do it for you. You learn to accept reality as it is.


#8 You gave up on toxic people.

You realise that some people are just not good for you. You see people for who they really are. Some people are manipulative and abusive, and you decide that enough is enough and simply leave. Life is too short to be stressed by toxic relationships.


#9 Having your heart broken won’t end your life.

Remember that person you thought you couldn’t live your life without? Well, you’re here. And you made it. You can live without them. You realise it doesn’t kill you; it makes you tougher.


#10 You accept your feelings and stop trying to hide them.

You’re not in denial anymore. You don’t put a mask on your face. If you feel something, you let it happen. You don’t bottle things up. If you don’t like something, you say it. If you like something, you express your love for it.


#11 You forgave yourself.

You forgave yourself for all the times you messed up in the past. For all the stupid things you did, and the people you hurt unintentionally. You accept yourself as you are, and leave your past behind.

#12 You face your fuckups.

You don’t run from your mistakes. You face them head-on because you know there’s no point in hiding from it. You realise you made a mistake and try to fix it.


#13 You’ve learned to apologise.

Saying sorry does not hurt your ego anymore. If you know you messed up, or hurt someone, you go ahead and apologise if it’s necessary. Admitting to your mistakes takes a lot of maturity and confidence.


#14 You went through hell.

It wasn’t an easy journey. You went through a lot of ups and downs to reach this point. You learned a lot of lessons and made a bunch of mistakes, but it is what made you who you are today.


#15 You’ve become more conscious that time is passing.

You start focusing on your present. You know time runs out. There’s no guaranteed tomorrow. And you try to make the best for today.

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