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10+ People Shared Biggest Signs They Saw & Knew That Their Relationship Is Coming To An End

10+ People Shared Biggest Signs They Saw & Knew That Their Relationship Is Coming To An End

Ever feel like your relationship was falling apart?

Most couples don’t even pay attention to what is going on in each other’s lives anymore; or worse, their relationship. And it’s a real shock for them when it all goes down the drain. The most common problems in any relationship are when one person expects too much and takes you for granted all the time. Or when the both of you don’t communicate well. Pay attention ladies and gentlemen; this isn’t a joke.

We have gathered some of the most frequent signs explained by these 21 Redditors. Signs that are shown in a drowning relationship and these will definitely catch you off-guard.

1. Although her partner thought otherwise, pyenapplepyro made it pretty clear that she didn’t want to be in it anymore. He just didn’t take the hint.

My ex thought we were doing great because I wasn’t nagging anymore. I wasn’t making him make time to talk about me, or making him stop talking about the same subjects on loop, and I didn’t even bother asking him to get his family to stop being terrible. Best thing was I wasn’t talking about wedding plans, because I didn’t realize weddings and parties were expensive.

He was completely blindsided when I said I couldn’t do it anymore. Dumbass.

2. Never make a mistake like xylitoll here did. Never be afraid to talk about what you feel.

Being afraid of saying something that might piss off your SO. Basically just being afraid to speak your mind.

3. Do take their advice!

Getting slightly annoyed at everything the other person says, and blowing up at little things. It’s a sign that there are big problems that need to be worked out.

4. Sometimes the sole reason to keep your marriage going is the well-being of your children.

“We’re staying together for the kids”

The amount of times I’ve heard spouses heard this before going headfirst into separation is absolutely heartbreaking.

5. Take it from aubreythez’s experience.

As a child of divorced parents, things were 10,000x better after the divorce (not immediately, because obviously it was traumatic, but in the long term for sure).

Being in a home environment with two people that hate each other and argue constantly was way worse than interacting with them separately.

6. It’s better to get rid of a toxic relationship as soon as you can.

When you think you’re just “like this” even though you never were in the past.

Example: I guess I’m just naggy and overcritical, even though those were never traits of mine throughout my life.

When you do break up eventually, you realize that the relationship required you to change in certain ways, and that made you like yourself less. You feel free to be who you really are and who you want to be.

7. What is a relationship without all these?

Constant criticism.

No affection.

Withholding sex.

Never owning up to mistakes and blowing up on the other person constantly.

8. When you start fearing your significant other’s response to everything you do.

When you become more and more afraid to tell the other person what you were doing while they weren’t there. You wouldn’t think of it unless you’ve been through it and it’s truly a problem. If you mean like it’s difficult to talk to the person about anything you do without them.

9. Why ladylondonderry? It’s not like he was watching porn.

Holy shit, right?? My brother-in-law freaked out when I mentioned the season of Arrested Development I gifted him, because his girlfriend was there. He later said he loved it and watched the whole series, but just didn’t want her to know about it. Which…what? Why?

10. That’s when you know your relationship is doomed.

Not doing things together for pleasure/recreation.

Sure, it’s normal to have some separate hobbies. Maybe one is into book clubs and the other is into gardening, and they do those things separately. But when you do absolutely NOTHING together except things which are obligations/work, the relationship is headed for the end.

My partner says that’s how he knew his marriage to his ex was doomed. She never wanted to do anything with him- even activities that she enjoyed or at least didn’t mind. She also never asked him to join her for any activities that weren’t family obligations.

Well, that and her fucking some other dude for two years behind his back…

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