10+ Signs That Indicate You’re A Crazy Girlfriend

Are you a crazy girlfriend?

Well, you might not know that yourself, since your boyfriend will never say it to your face unless he wants to die. So here we are, to show you your reality. If you have done one or all of the things on this list, it’s a high possibility that you’re psycho. Congrats?

#1 The one who is not insane.

#2 I can tell you that she wasn’t.

#3 I thought you were in trouble!

#4 Probably my dog pressing the like button.

#5 Is the crazy bitch side also possessed?

#6 Okay, got it. You done?

#7 And it is near my boots.

#8 What were you doing huh?

#9 I mean, it’s freaking hilarious!

#10 Oh you are going to wish you never said that.

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