Sign language interpreter at Snoop Dogg concert steals the show and mesmerizes the internet.

Going to a concert is a wonderful experience.

Seeing your musical idol up on stage, listening to the music you love among a crowd of other fans all enjoying the same thing… it is something that has to be felt rather than explained. And one thing that is making concerts even better is the fact that everybody can be included and Holly Maniatty, an interpreter for the deaf, showed just that at a recent Snoop Dogg concert by outshining even the man himself.

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This video, showing her clear enthusiasm and talent, went viral after it was filmed at the Jazz Fest in New Orleans and people are rightly shaken by just how her passion steals the show. The video has already been shared over 250,000 times on Facebook, and with those numbers still climbing, people can’t stop talking about it.

Facebook via Dareki Daniels-Youmans III


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The video has also stormed Twitter with several people uploading the video to share how awesome Holly is.

Twitter @lmechegaray

Though she makes it look easy, her job is a pretty hard one, but it is one that makes a difference to so many people as this woman rightly pointed out.

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There has been no comment from Snoop Dogg on this, but I’m sure the man would think this is just the greatest, which it truly is. This woman deserves all the attention for the amazing work she is doing for the hearing impaired. You rock Holly!

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