These Pictures Are The Result Of Siblings Trying To Recreate Childhood Pictures

I am very sure that all of you have stacks of photo albums hidden away in the dark corner of your drawers. The main reason behind that might be that most of our old pictures are pretty embarrassing, to say the least. These photos might contain our silly antics, weird face expressions or our amazing childhood adventures. You might have thought that there is no use for these pictures except the safekeeping of memories.

Well, you are entirely wrong as the Internet has been taken by storm from the people who have been recreating their old sometimes embarrassing pictures in new and unique ways. Some of these are pretty awesome, some weird and some downright awkward. However I am sure this would be fun for the whole family. Below are some of the people who took the risk of them looking like idiots but emerged victorious.

1. The Suburban Family

Via bonebowl

The dad seems to be in amazingly good shape.


2. The Bearded Brothers

Via tumblr

I honestly thought that this was a picture of a Sister and her little Brother but the beards kinda ruined the illusion.

3. The Growers

Via pbugnot

I don’t get it. Why is everyone so happy except the guy in the right. He looks like someone stole his candy.


4. The Family who Bathes Togather

Via PacificFrim

How did they even fit in the bath together?


5. The One’s with Great Fashion Sense

Via Claybotron

They sure are committed to this thing.

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