10+ Shower Thoughts That Will Total Blow Your Mind And Make You Question Everything

Ever think of something totally ingenious and weird in the shower?

It seems that the best ideas come to us when we are in the shower. I swear, all of my story ideas came to me when I was showering or dreaming. 

And I ain’t the only one!

These guys shared the thoughts that came to other people when they were showering too. Warning: There’s no coming back from this.

#1 That’s it! I’m not buying any more handbags!

#2 Mindblown!

#3 It’s ironic.

#4 Am I missing something here?

#5 At some point… Maybe.

#6 Never thought about it before.

#7 Could you?

#8 That’s why I only do this with $2.

#9 What if there were no lawyers?

#10 I’ve seen people do that… on TV.

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