10+ Short Tumblr Stories That Prove Tumblr Is Full Of Sarcastic And Hilarious People

If you’re sarcastic and witty, Tumblr is where you belong.

I’m usually scrolling through Tumblr and come across some hilariously sarcastic posts that I just can’t help but laugh at. Making someone laugh is not easy, especially when people aren’t bright enough to understand sarcasm. However, sarcasm is an art only a few have mastered. And those masters can easily be found on Tumblr.

Here some short Tumblr stories that prove Tumblr is full of sarcastic and hilarious people:

#1 Done with twins.

Source: gruntsmom.tumblr.com

#2 Not everything has to be emotional.

Source: askmissbernadette.tumblr.com

#3 They’re going to see you naked too?

Source: postmarxed.tumblr.com

#4 Brought tears to my eyes.

Source: meltedbartsimpson.tumblr.com

#5 You don’t deserve that crown.

Source: caffeinewitchcraft.tumblr.com

#6 Hungry demons.

Source: teawitch.tumblr.com

#7 Petty significant other.

Source: vampireapologist.tumblr.com 

#8 I’d have black blood too. For other reasons.

Source: jq37.tumblr.com 

#9 Tax dodger.

Source charlesoberonn.tumblr.com 

#10 Immortal cat.

Source thesushiowl.tumblr.com 

#11 We all need help.

Source asom-broso.tumblr.com 

#12  My dog would just tell me how much he loves belly rubs.

Source carameljellyfish-and-greenbooks.tumblr.com 

#13 Let’s fuck the moon.

Source snoozlebee.tumblr.com 


Source ilovett.tumblr.com 

#15 Damn.

Source spaghettijoe.tumblr.com 

#16 This is the best.

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