10+ Of The Most Epic Shopping Fails Of Shopping Online That Will Make You Delete All Items From Your Cart

For every lazy person out there, shopping online is the most convenient thing ever!

It saves you from getting dressed and stepping foot outside the house. It’s a whole world of exciting retailers out there. And because of the billions of offers, the prices are literally next to nothing. However, there is a downside too. You can never be sure that the product delivered to your doorstep will be the same as what the description says about it. You don’t quite really know how it’s going to turn out. But, the ease and thrill of it make it all the more worth it.

And when we say that the expectations don’t quite really meet, they don’t meet at all. That Hermes belt you just bought might actually be fake. Or that red dress you just bought might not actually look as great as it looked on the model. And you just got scammed.

Here are  some of the most epic shopping fails of shopping online:

1. Isn’t this just awesome?


2. At least it makes his butt look nice.


3. It even comes with a free child!


4. How do we know that this guy doesn’t really look like this?


5. Follow instructions given at the back of the box for assembling.


6. Only if it were for a cat’s face…


7. I say she should exchange it with the guy who got a dress instead of a tank top.


8. 50 shades of grey.


9. Hopeless.


10. This was supposed to be a weighing scale.


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