Tumblr User Shares Shenanigans Of An Adopted Autism Support Dog And It Will Make Your Day

Mischievous dogs and never-ending entertainment!

If you have a dog and your dog doesn’t keep you on your toes, then you are probably not doing something right. You see, doggos are such high-spirited animals that they can make anyone around them happy in an instant. Though pretty much all dogs share the same trait of spreading happiness and keeping everybody on their toes, some dogs are specially trained for that purposeservice dogs. Service dogs are trained to help people with disabilities and to make their lives happier and better.

You might have seen many service dogs in your life, but we are about to show you the particular case of an Autism Support DogArwen. You see, at first sight, Arwen seems like any other ordinary support dog, but you will not believe just how naughty and skilful this dog is!

To find out about what makes her special, why not read everything in the words of her owner. Read it all below:

Here’s how the Tumblr User, gallusrotromegalus, describes her dog.

This is just so hilarious.

Goodness, gracious! How does she even do it?!

Additional Shenanigan. Oh, boy! *Grabs the popcorn.*

Oh my god. All that time spent with the inmates is really paying off!

I think I can confidently say that Arwen is cooler than all of us combined!

How can a dog be so badass and so loving both at the same time?!

And as expected, people are totally in love. (I mean, we can’t blame them, can we?)

What do you think about Arwen? Have you ever seen such an awesome dog before? Let us know in the comments below.

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