Shark Pup Is The Most Adorable Thing You Will Ever See And These Comics Prove It All

Sharks are not cute.

But turns out when you mix a dog and a shark together, something beautiful is born; A shark pup. He may not exist yet but we’re hoping evolution will give us this adorable creature one day.

Until then the amazing comics made by South Korean artists FlaFlo and Vress can hold us over. These comics will surely make you fall in love with the sharkpup and you’ll want one soon enough.

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#1 That is darned cute.

#2 Fish are friends not food.

#3 Time to get the toast.

#4 Where can I buy one?

#5 So he is a chameleon when it comes to food?

#6 Bunny ears on a shark pup?

#7 He just wanted to swim like the fish.

#8 Bye bye!

#9 *fwump*

#10 Cuteness overload.

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