Everyone’s Sharing Stories Of How Their Parents Met But Then This Twitter User Shared The Most Wild One

You and your significant other are like two jigsaw pieces that just somehow fit into each other. It’s as effortless as it is seamless. Some people meet at the bar, some at work, others through friends and some meet online. But, this woman’s story about how her parents met is mind-blowing.

Every couple has a different story of their own. And every couple cherishes the moment of meeting their significant other for the first time. Just like that family stories eventually become a mythology. Especially because we weren’t there to witness how our parents actually met.

We ask, because we all want to know of the sizzles and sparks that led inexorably to our appearance on earth. But, also because we need to know.

Twitter user @LezIsMore asked their follower for their folk’s stories:

A lot of the replies were what you’d expect. A cute and sentimental walk down memory lane.

Except for the high rates of divorce, of course.


Flooding with love stories…


And then this Twitter user completely changed the game with this anecdote.

Why would you keep chatting to a random guy who called you from jail?

And all of this is hundred percent real and viral gold!

Although, a lot of people didn’t believe her, so she obviously had to justify her stance. Which she did.

Although this doesn’t prove for the story to be true. She must be applauded for her consistency. And after getting out of jail, her dad visited the woman who then became his pen pal.

But her dad “couldn’t remember” who he meant to call that day.

It turns out he’s a real charmer!


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