12 Times Shane Was The Employee Of The Year And Gave Hell To The Managers At Walmart

Shane is the employee of the month.

Whether or not Shane is a real person is up to date, but supposedly, he is a man who works at Walmart and is known for the most peculiar of antics. He’s a hilarious, if possibly fictional, human being with a penchant for raising trouble.

The management he works for is always troubled or on their toes because they have no idea what he might do next. He’s taken the Ron Swanson approach. First he got hired, and then threw wrenches at the works from the inside.

Source: Imgur

#1 When a customer asks where to find a product, do not give them directions to Albertsons.

#2  Quit putting price tags on the deli equipment and trying to sell them.

#3 Any free samples should come from the deli department, not electronics.

#4 Quit offering extended warranties on fried chicken.

#5 Stop asking “Is that your final answer” and offering to let them phone a friend after every order.

#6 Stop implying that Walmart keeps the “good stuff” in the back.

#7 Stop labeling samples as “Mystery Meat”

#8 Not an appropriate place to practice ventriloquism; stop making puppets out of the paper bags

#9 Stop pretending to have a personality disorder.

#10 Do not put knives in the soapy water, Shane.

#11 Stop putting “Stoner approved” seals on the chicken.

#12 Swinecraft building material.

What did you think about his antics?

Do you think Shane is a real person, or was hit just a joke that went too far? Tell us down in the comments below.

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