Artist Shames Tourists For Taking Selfies At The Holocaust Memorial With His Powerful Photoshoot

Humanity always comes first

It doesn’t matter what race, religion, sect, or place a person comes from because we are all the same; we’re all humans, and we all have equal human rights regardless of our status or origin. Anyone who doesn’t understand or respect that needs some serious counselling and teaching because you can’t be a human if you’re not humane.

Since we’re already discussing humanity, let’s not forget that there are people out there today who still laugh at victims of holocaust just because they were Jews. Sometime back, some tourists received a backlash after they took selfies at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. Now, how do we explain the obvious to people? You just don’t go around striking poses and taking selfies at memorial sites! What is this even?

Though the inappropriate act by the tourists left everyone disappointed and utterly disgusted, one Israeli Artist decided to teach the tourists a lesson, so he rightfully shamed them by using his art in a project called “Yolocaust.” The artist, Shahak Shapira, came up with the idea of ‘Yolocaust’ in hopes of spreading awareness so that no one disrespects ANY memorial site ever again.

Via Time of Israel

The following shows how Shapira showed the reality behind every selfie that they took and if this won’t knock some sense into people, I honestly don’t know what will. Check it out:

Would anyone want to take selfies here after seeing this?

Striking a pose for Instagram pictures at a memorial site…

The captions make it even worse.

They did NOT just say that…


Not okay.

This is so pathetic.

A connection she probably couldn’t see.

If they saw the other side of the picture, they’d regret everything.

This needs no explanation.

Hopefully, this would knock some sense into people. What is your take on this situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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