10+ Highly Secured And Forbidden Places That You Are Not Allowed To Visit

  • By Asad Tipu
  • January 18, 2018
  • 8 minutes read

There’s just something about telling people what they are and aren’t allowed to do, that sets them off.

So what better way to get on your nerves than tell you all the places that you’re forbidden to go. And if you’re one of the people lucky enough to have visited these places, tell us! But the odds are not really in your favour.

The initial list was posted on Imgur by the user  and he carefully and wonderfully described everything to do with these places. They’re all you need. So buckle up for the ride of your life.

Source: Imgur

#1 The Svalbard Global Seed Vault

A massive underground seed bank that is located on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen. It is about 800 miles from the North Pole. The location was chosen to house a safety net for plant diversity in the event of a major event. Organizations and governments can deposit seeds like a safety deposit box. Only a small handful of employees have access to the highly protected bank.

#2 Club 33 in Disneyland

A secret club only a small number of rich and famous people can have access to join. The waitlist is over a decade long and fees to join can run 25k to 100k and annual membership is tens of thousands as well.

#3 Coca-cola Formula vault.

This vault is where Coca-cola keeps their secret formula. Only a select few have access to the formula as it has been one of the closest guarded secrets in corporate history.

#4 Google data center.

There are a dozen of these sprawling data centers around the world run by google. Each center has thousands of miles of fiber cables connected to thousands of servers. This allows google to handle more than 3 billion web searches a day. They auction ad space in real time bringing in a lot of money for the company. Since it views these centers as their competitive advantage over other companies, only critical employees are allowed in the guarded facility.

#5 Surtsey Island

It is off the southern coast of Iceland is a recently formed volcanic landmass. It is highly researched by volcanologists, botanists, and biologists. Due to the nature of the research human activity is strictly regulated. The one small hut on the island for scientists to stay at requires all humans and their belongs to be thoroughly searched to make sure nobody accidentally brings any seeds from elsewhere. Once improperly discarded human defecation resulted in a tomato plant growing from the spot that had to be destroyed.

#6 North Brother island in New York

Built by the government to quarantine people with infectious diseases. It was home to “Typhoid Mary” who was responsible for spreading typhoid around New York while working as a cook. It was also the location of the worst loss of life in New York history (until September 11th 2001) when a steam ship caught fire near the island and over 1000 people died. The island is officially off limits now as it is a bird sanctuary for the Black-Crowned Night Heron. It is still a popular spot for urban exploring.

#7 Poveglia Island

Near Venice, Italy was a plague hospital from 1793-1814 where over 150,000 people lived out their last days or weeks. It was later used as an insane asylum in 1922 where legend says a doctor tortured and brutally murdered patients. It has been closed and forbidden to outsiders since 1968.

#8 North Sentinel Island

It is off the coast of India that is home to a small tribe of Sentinelese people. They are often extremely violent towards outsiders. In 2006 two fisherman were killed when they got too close to the island. The Indian government doesn’t allow anyone to visit the island for the protection of both parties.

#9 Room 39

A secret North Korean office that is responsible for all of the illegal cash flow into North Korea. They are allegedly involved in many illicit schemes for cash that are vital to keep the Kim family in power. They are thought to counterfeit near perfect currency, make mass quantities of methamphetamines, and are involved in many online money scams. The existence is highly guarded by the regime.

#10 Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center in Bluemont, Virginia.

Another closely guarded US secret base. Mount Weather is a sort of Alamo for the United States Government. In the event of a large scale attack most high ranking military and politicians would be located to this location. The above ground portion is called “Area A” and has its own power plant, hospitals, and dormitories. The “Area B” is a 600,000 square foot underground facility. After the September 11th attacks many US politicians were transported via helicopter to the facility. This location is similar to the now abandoned Greenbrier Hotel that was a secret hiding bunker for politicians during the Cold War.

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