10+ Secrets About Your Boyfriend’s Life He Won’t Tell You Without Asking

Ladies, would you like to know EVERYTHING that happens in your boyfriend’s life?

Are you sure you could handle it? Maybe you already know quite a few things about your guy, but there is always something that he just won’t disclose to you. No matter how much you push him, there will still be a couple of secrets hidden behind his “it’s nothing.” No man is an open book like we would prefer them to be. All bare some mystery.

In a relationship, you face one too many ups and downs. As they say “secrecy is the enemy of intimacy.” Trust and respect are two of the main building blocks in a loving relationship. Without these, ultimately a couple just collapses.

Here, we have some of the things your boyfriend would never talk to you about. And trust me, you are better off without knowing some of these!

1. Ex-girlfriends.

Does he avoid the topic of what happened with a certain someone before you came into his life? It’s obvious that he wouldn’t want to talk to you about the ghosts of his past and why should he? There’s a reason they are in the past. Maybe those memories are just too bitter for him, or perhaps he just doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable. Either way, he does not want to ruin what you two have.

2. Sickness.

He may not always tell you when he’s not feeling well. It’s not that he’s hiding something from you. He just doesn’t want to worry you about his sickness. He wants to let you know that he isn’t affected by these small aches or fevers; that he is perfectly capable of taking care of himself.

3. Wallets and mobile phones.

It’s a rare case where a guy wouldn’t bother if you went through his mobile or checked his wallet. Most boyfriends would snatch their phone right away if you went even two inches closer to it. It’s all about privacy, girls.

4. Bad habits.

Trust me, if he smokes or has some other weird habit, he won’t just tell you that easily. In fact, he’ll try to hide it for as long as he can so that you don’t think less of him. Not just that, despite having his own bad habits, he would always stop you from adopting one for yourself.

5. Checking out other girls

He won’t just come out clean about checking out other girls in public. I mean, come on! It’s in their blood.

6. Fantasies in bed

He might not express what he’s thinking, but he sure imagines some kinky stuff while in bed. Maybe even more than you do. And sometimes he may also stop you from ‘going too far’ while you’re explaining a specific intimate thought to him, but he would already be there in his own mind.

7. Adult content

One of the major reasons they don’t like you going through their phones is probably because they surf the internet for adult content and save it; either pictures or videos. But you won’t know about it.

8. Grudges.

Be careful about what you do with him and what you say to him. He might not show that he got offended, but he will definitely take it to his grave. Unless he builds it all up and eventually explodes one day.

9. Lies told in the past.

Everybody has a past, right? He might have lied to you about something he did in the past or kept it from you altogether. But whichever it is, consider it for your own good.

10. Emotional stability

You have to think long and hard about this one. Emotional stability is one of the hardest things to find in a man. Do consider yourself lucky if your guy shows some!

11. Insecurities.

Insecurities? In a man? Yes, that’s right. Females aren’t the only ones who feel insecure if he talks too casually to another woman, ever thought that he might feel the same way? He might just feel insecure about satisfying you in bed or keeping you happy overall.

12. Dependency on you.

No matter how independent and self-made they are, they still depend on us for the little decisions in their life. Be it shopping for themselves or anything in the daily routine. It’s actually cute how they give us the priority.

13. Cuddle all day.

He won’t ask for it; he’ll just pull you close into an embrace and won’t let you go. It’s the best feeling in the world. He would want to keep you in his arms all day and all night but not say anything.

14. Resistance to decisions.

He might seem happy at the time, but he certainly does not like you being bossy or dominating him. After all, his decisions are his own at the end of the day.

15. Commitment

Commitments are always hard for men. They might even secretly think or plan for the future but will never say anything to you because they may feel like you would take them for granted. It’s a harsh reality, but commitments are one of the greatest fears in men.

16. The fear of losing you

This secret is buried deep down inside them. He would never express just how much he loves you and most certainly will never show his weakness.

17. Last but not the least; morning wood. The secret we all want to know.

The morning wood, also commonly known as ‘the boner’ is basically a condition known as┬áNocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT) in which a man wakes up with an erect penis in the morning. It could be caused by the ‘wet dreams’ they have or hormone shifts or simply because of physical stimulation. Either way, he would avoid the topic altogether.

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