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10+ People Share The Secret Identities Of Two-Faced People And It Will Give You Trust Issues

10+ People Share The Secret Identities Of Two-Faced People And It Will Give You Trust Issues

  • By Asad Tipu
  • January 23, 2018
  • 5 minutes read

Some people are fantastic liars.

And that isn’t a good thing. They can cheat their way through anything, and a lot of them have done shocking things. If you can lie about it without flinching, flawlessly, no matter what with no matter who, then how can someone trust you?

These men and women lead a lot of people on some seriously wild goose chases. When their lie was caught out, everyone was stunned. Read on below, and if you’ve got a story like this, do message us!

#1 Deep voice.

“we had a guy in highschool who faked a deep voice for the 7 years weve known him and senior year he revealed that it wasnt his real voice.”


#2 Cancer.

“I know a guy who faked cancer, but when he travelled to a town an hour or so away for his “chemo” he was really molesting children.

He worked for a car rental company and got them to comp him rentals to go for his “treatments.”

Oh and he had a few of us almost convinced that his landlord was a child molester and the actual reason their home had that very phrase spray-painted on it by parties unknown.

So yeah, the diddler who faked cancer to enable his child molestation and CP production would have to be the craziest double life of anyone I’ve known.”


#3 Teaching family.

“A well respected family of two teachers with two cute kids — the husband at the high school and the wife at the elementary school in the fairly high-income town they lived in.

Turns out the wife was dealing drugs without husband knowing, got busted at school (cops showed up to elementary and high school), lost her job and they got divorced/she moved away.”


#4 Secret family.

“A friend of mine lives in San Diego, and was recently telling me the story of her grandfather who has an entire family in Mexico that he kept hidden for decades. Im talking he has kids that have kids, and one of his secret granddaughters has ANOTHER kid. Dude is a great grandfather and nobody knew. Her grandfather is nearly 90, so its unbelievable how much a quiet old man can keep from people.”


#5 Heroin addict.

“Earlier this year I learned my Dad has been addicted to her0in and stolen many expensive things from various members of my family. I knew that people had been getting things stolen from them but never even began to think it was my Dad. He did get help and is now five months clean, but still working and building up my family’s trust again.”


#6 Hooking up business.

“My uncle runs a business hooking up internet in hotels. He travels all over the West coast for it. Recently he asked my aunt to have an open relationship. Turns out most of his “business trips” were actually trips to go meet with his business partner, whom he has been having an affair with for the last year or two. This business partner has even had two pregnancies with my uncle. Both were miscarriages, but both were also INTENTIONAL.

My aunt and uncle have been married for 12 years, and have a five year old son. My aunt also has terminal cancer. He’s been introducing their son to his mistress as their son’s new Mommy without my aunt’s knowledge.

Needles to say, that open relationship isn’t happening. They’re getting divorced.”


#7 Decade long family.

“My grandfather was in a romantic relationship with another man across the country for a few decades. My entire family knew about it, so it was no big deal… or so we thought.

Just last October, my grandfather died. We went to call his partner, and he was very surprised to learn that my grandfather had children. It’s amazing how he hid an entire family for decades.”


#8 Tattooist.

“A guy I knew was a tattooist so worked late hours at night. He had a family with 4 kids in one neighbourhood that was about an hour away from his shop. Then he had another girlfriend with a kid about 20 minutes away. The two didn’t know about each other, he lived out of both of his girlfriends houses and when he wasn’t at one of the houses, the girlfriend would think he was at his parents due to working late. Anyway, it all unfolded on him when he got arrested and ended up in prison and both girlfriend, all the kids and another side girlfriend that he was “seeing” all rocked up to visit him one the same day…”


#9 Another family.

“My boyfriend’s sister’s friend was married to this guy and had started a family with him. They just had their second child actually (the first was probably 7-8 years old). Every year he went on a hunting trip to Missouri for about a week. Turns out he wasn’t hunting. Turns out he had another family there. Two kids, almost exactly the same ages as the other two. The friend divorced him immediately when she found it.”


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