Dwayne Johnson Loves This Boys’s Science Project ‘Rock vs A Rock’

This Kid Is The Coolest! Everyone Should Aspire To Be Like Him.

Now, this kid is trying to answer all the important questions in life. Who would have thought to compare Dwayne Johnson to a rock? It might seem like a bad idea, but if you represent it right, it makes a lot of sense.

Are you in deep confusion right now? Well, don’t worry, the following picture will wipe all the confusion away and leave you with pure enlightenment. You see, a Reddit user who was a teacher asked their students to do a project on ‘Rock vs. A Rock’. It was not meant for a grade, just a cure for boredom. This fifth grader, however, took the project very seriously.

Via Reddit

I Am Surprised That This Kid Knows The Difference Between Biotic and Abiotic.

I have serious respect for this kid. The above diagram clearly shows all the differences between the two, and I find that pretty impressive. This kid should at least get extra credit. I mean, who would have thought that Rock Johnson and A Rock would have the following similarities:

1. Super-strong.

2. Bald.

3. Indestructible.

Even Dwayne Johnson Found It Accurate And Responded To The Tweet.

A Future Science Leader.

That was not all, as Twitter blew up with people re-tweeting the post. The sub-reddit has over 150 comments, and the Rock Johnson tweet was re-tweeted at least three thousand times. Some people had pretty funny comments as well.

Yup, That Would Be Embarrassing Wouldn’t it?

The Biotic Rock Johnson.

Finally, A Person Who Knows How Rocks Work!


Twitter Was Not The Only Social Site Blowing Up. Reddit Was In On It Too.

There Were Even Some Puns Thrown In There.

Some Even Called Him ‘The Future Meme Genius’.

The Evolution Of Dwayne Johnson.

This Kid Has A Bright Future Ahead Of Him.


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