Scammers Online Are Now Trying This New Trick To Steal Money From Netflix Users, Here’s How You Can Be Safe

We live in a time where almost every other person is playing with technology and, usually, misusing it.

With these growing numbers of computer geeks and hackers, today nothing seems to be safe anymore, not even your Netflix accounts. Yes, you heard that right. This scam that just recently surfaced is taking the whole world by great shock.

People have been receiving fake emails which were actually pretty convincing and realistic. These fake emails had this realistic looking address [email protected], which would easily leave no room for doubt in anybody’s mind.

However, it is to be noted that no company would ever have an address which doesn’t have company’s name in it after ‘@’ symbol. The email’s content also having a big bright ‘NETFLIX’ Logo further drew away the attention of it being fake.

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The email reads: “Dear User, We’re having some trouble with your current billing information. We’ll try again. But in the meantime, you may want to update your payment details. During the next login process, you will be required to provide some “informations” like (billing info, phone number, payment info).”

If you look closely you can see that whoever did this slipped multiple times. Notice how the whole message is slightly in an off tone. Other than that, for all those who know ‘Informations’ is not a word. Nobody is perfect, that is true, but you do not expect huge companies like Netflix to be making such sloppy mistakes.

A malware protection website, Malwarebytes Labs states that there are numerous odd points to be noted that are suspicious about this entire thing. It says “So the email asks us to fill out our payment details on a site. This should always be a red flag for everyone. A security-aware company does not provide you with a clickable button to their site.”

                                                       Credit: Netflix

“They will tell you to log into their site and provide you with instructions on how to proceed. They will not provide a direct link to a page with a form to fill out asking for billing information and what not.”

A man from twitter brings up another point of concern by posting a picture that shows an additional Netflix scam being sent to different people’s phone through a text message. It reads “Your Netflix membership is due to expire today. To prevent termination confirm your details at,” followed by a link to a website.”

This hardly looks like a coincident but at this point, it is not clear whether the two scams are in any way linked or not. Also, Netflix has not released any statement on its website or any other social network. So, if you or anybody you know has or have been receiving any such emails, please contact Netflix and double check with them to ensure safety.

Sources: Malwarebytes Labs, Twitter.

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