20+ Savage Tweets That’ll Make McGregor Cry One More Time After Losing The Match

Spoiler alert: McGregor lost.

It may come as a shock to many, but 27 year old Irish UFC fighter The Notorious Conor McGregor lost to 40 year old The Money Mayweather, and brought his streak up to a 50-0. I’m not surprised by that, though. Boxing is a very technical sport, and even though McGregor is a better, stronger, faster fighter (I’m pretty sure he’d eat Mayweather in a street fight), the champion has an undefeated streak. He’s the freaking beast.

And Twitter, oh, dear, Twitter. It’s taken it upon itself to make sure that Conor McGregor never forgets this defeat after all his angry, loud-mouthed proclamations.

Just check them out!

















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