10+ Savage Texts You’d Send If You’re Cold AF And Not Such A Nice Person

Do you ever feel like the world is just destined to piss you off?

If you’re not really a people-person, you’re going to be classified as “rude” or “cold.” But really, who cares? As long as they stay away from you and enjoy yourself, nothing else really matters.

Because savagery knows no bounds, here are a few texts you’ll probably send if you’re as cold as ice:

#1 How dare you “K” me?

onsomereal_shit / Via instagram.com 


#2 Not today, fuckboy.

textsfromyourex / Via instagram.com 


#3 The reality is bitter, mediocre white guy.

idgiveitallmystarryeyes / Via instagram.com 


#4 I’ve got better things to do in my life.

textsfromyourex / Via instagram.com 


#5 Ex = poop.


#6 What stuff?

mc_failingolivia059 / Via instagram.com 


#7 Why aren’t you dead yet?



#8 Take your bullshit elsewhere.

extsfromyourex / Via instagram 


#9 You’re shining armor?



#10 Well, they aren’t but I’ll give you points for creativity.

mc_failingolivia059 / Via instagram.com 


#11 You just won.

yanthaliono / Via instagram.com 


#12 Polite? What’s that?

textsfromyourex / Via instagram.com 


#13 I don’t live to fit your preference.

couplefuckery / Via instagram.com 


#14 No thanks.

textsfromyourex / Via instagram.com
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