10 Absolutely Savage Take Downs That Are Hilarious And Will Make Your Sides Hurt

  • By Asad Tipu
  • November 10, 2017
  • 2 minutes read

Roasts are a favourite internet pass time.

All done in fair play, they’re brutal and absolutely hilarious. Hell, we wait on Gordon Ramsay to tweet his roasts everyday. There’s almost an art to it. Kind of difficult to explain, but keeping it short and sweet are always the best ones.

So why not jump in to some of the most brilliant takedowns this side of the net?

#1 Dad jokes to end all dad jokes.

via PoorExcuseOfABeard

#2 Sexting gone wrong.

via sobeitjay

#3 Fedora man.

via iknowihadsomethingforthis

#4 Kanye’s wish.

via pornhub

#5 Too soon, Pratt.

via Mr_Xavieer

#6 Clever girl.

via gangbangkang

#7 Nickelback can’t catch a break.

via master_of_poopy

#8 Lower your expectations.

via diablopabloIRL

#9 Well, she isn’t wrong.

via ipblocked

#10 Priorities.

via VincentRiemer
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