People Really Outdid Themselves With The Hilarious Savage Signs At The Womens March

We all know what time it is.

It’s time for Trump to respectfully give up the presidential seat. However, we are all aware that Trump and respect don’t really go with each other so here we are. You may already know that 20th was the second annual Women’s March.

Not surprisingly, women and men alike came out in huge crowds and stood for what they believe in. Most of these signs were against Trumps callous and sexist policies. But are we really that surprised by that?

Following are some of the to-the-point signs that hit close to home.

#1 Me too dear.

#2 A long, long marathon.

#3 Is it that bad!?

#4 Some facts right here.

#5 This ass definitely does.

#6 Ah yes I was wondering about that.

#7 That’s a mouthful.

#8 She should definitely be a poetess.

#9 If only they could go back in time.

#10 We hit when you least expect it.

#11 Probably in the first 15 minutes.

#12 That cheeto will hopefully be gone soon.

#13 Well, thankfully you’re not.


#14 Because who needs women right?

#15 Yup, that about sums it up.

Did you go to the Women’s March? Do you think we missed any other amazing signs? If so comment on below and let us know.

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