10 Of The Most Savage RateMyProfessor Reviews That’ll Make You Clutch Your Slides

Not every teacher is a saint.

While I know that teachers deserve a lot more recognition than they get, You have to admit that not every teacher is the same. And you might not know this but even teachers have a review app.

Yup, It’s exactly like Yelp or Google reviews but a hundred times more savage and hilarious. However, this app was not that well-known until one person posted a screenshot of a hilariously creative and brutal review.

This is the original tweet that started it all.

Unsurprisingly, this tweet went viral and many people started screenshotting other hilarious reviews. I won’t hold you any longer so scroll on below and take a look.

#1 Let’s not bring McDonald’s into this.

#2 Is it bad that I can totally relate to this?

#3 Wait go to jail again!?

#4 I actually really like tofu.

#5 Ooh damn, Jennifer seems like a demon summoner.

#6 Yup, that sounds like an A-class teacher.

#7 Damn, Now that is savage as heck!


#8 Seems like this teacher just doesn’t care.

#9 Yup, I’ve had a teacher like that.

#10 Well brunette is the new blonde now.

#11 Being compared to Hitler? Not really something new.

I think everyone saw that coming.

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How was your Professor like? Was he just as boring or horrible as the ones described above? Or was he an amazing Professor? Comment on below and let us know.

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