10+ Savage Grandparents Who Roasted Their Grandchildren To Crisp And Gave Them Third Degree Burns

We have all been roasted by our friends every now and then, but have you ever been roasted by your grandparents!?

Well, grandparents are known to be sweet, loving and calm human beings, but hey, that’s now how it goes in every part of the world. They can be savage AF and trust me; you wouldn’t even see them coming at you. They will take you down on stealth mode, and you’ll just wonder “What the hell just happened?”

Of course, we love watching other people getting roasted until we get targeted ourselves. The worst part about getting roasted by your grandparents is that you can’t even clap back. I mean, come on! You can’t even explain how it feels.

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Let me share some roasting moments with you that we found ridiculously hilarious! This made me wonder, where do these grandparents come from!? Teach me, Master!

1 – Damn, let the kids have some fun, Grandpa. Come on!


2 – Woah, Grandma surely knows how it goes down.

3 – Grandmas can be witty too.


4 – I already couldn’t get over my crush seeing my messages and not replying, and then this happens.


5 – Well, she was being honest at least.

6 – Oh lord, the embarassment she probably had to face after that savage comment by her Grandma!

7 – I need that Grandma in my life.

8 – Okay… that was pretty dry!


9 – I’d definitely show this to my Grandma to make it more interesting.


10 – Why didn’t I think of it before?

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