Savage Child Roasted His Teacher To Crisp Because She Gave Him Summer School And I’m Screaming

Look out. Fifth graders sure are the smartest ones around!

I thought it was only true on t.v, but this post proves it for real. I don’t know about the other kids out there, but this one is a total scamp!

Do you ever wonder where children nowadays get their sense of sarcasm and twisted humor? I am completely awed and not to mention, totally lost after reading this letter.

Twitter user, TheAyannaShow posted this letter on his Twitter and the internet is buzzing over it.

This kid wrote a ferocious letter to his teacher after she had to go to summer school. In this letter, she roasted her for sending her to the summer school. Do give it a read. I’m sure you would be left in hysterics just like I was! The kid’s language though.

Here it is…

I wonder what this teacher did to gain this kind of hate. Let’s find out, shall we? Oh, and where in the world did this kid adopt this kind of a language anyway?

Twitter: TheAyannaShow

Who made this “unintelligant, unprofesional, uneducated, special eduacted narsasits” woman a teacher? I’m laughing out reallyx  hard right now!

Twitter: TheAyannaShow

The kid’s spellings are world class even before going to a college.

Who’s eagerly waiting for that day to come? I know I am.

Who would have thought that a kid of her age could make people laugh with her words

When you are so talented and people want to help you because they see it in you


This kid totally took me out at this point.

I’m sure you would all agree that part was completely hysterical.

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