Twitter Is In Shock Because They Just Found Out Sasha Obama’s Real Name Is Not Sasha

That’s right. Sasha Obama’s real name is not Sasha.

We have all seen the Obama girls growing up pretty fast in front of our eyes, even though it was through social media, obviously. Both Sasha and Malia Anne have turned into quite beautiful women as we see. But there has been a shout out on Twitter recently as Sasha celebrated her 16th birthday along with her family.

As tweeted by a senior writer, Ashley Ford at Refinery29, Sasha Obama’s real name is not Sasha but in fact Natasha Obama. Yes, we are all in shock, but Ashley implied it as if it was a known fact.


Today is the one year anniversary of me finding out Sasha Obama’s actual first name is Natasha.

One year anniversary? Seriously?

Wanna see what people on Twitter had to say about this?

Many were “shocked” upon learning Sasha’s real name.
wait i’m shook
— Greg Howard (@greghoward88) June 11, 2017

Wait, what? Did I just read that correctly?

I can’t even…

Trust me; we are all SHOOKETH!

I’m sorry I didn’t quite catch that. Say it again.

While some are just doubting everything else in existence.

It’s obvious though that Sasha is simply short for Natasha.

Check out the Twitter posts dedicated to her birthday.


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