10+ Illustrations Blatantly Show The Sad Reality Of Modern Society That Will Make You Stop And Think

Would you like to peek behind the shimmering curtain?

Don’t know what I am talking about? Well, I am talking about the society of course! I mean isn’t it just like a perfectly shiny curtain that nobody wants to peek through? After all who would want to see the disturbing truth?

Well, I am not sure if you want to or not, but you’re going to see the truth today anyway. The artist behind these amazing illustrations is an Italian freelance illustrator currently living in Mexico City.

I work with magazines by mail, mostly for USA, Italia, and Mexico. I work in mixed media traditional plus digital program.

I present the new illustrations that I made in the years after the first post. Some of these were made on commission for magazines and others are personal work.

-Marco Melgrati

Source: Instagram

#1 The truth is in the shadows.

#2 Even the cactus’s give the middle finger.

#3 I can show you the work with my credit card.

#4 Hiding your true emotions.

#5 Which one to choose?

#6 Your perception.

#7 ‘Look at me!’

#8 When the facade is broken.

#9 Social media confession booth.

#10 Reflection kills.

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