10+ Deep Illustrations Show The Sad Reality Of Where The Modern World Is Leading

The modern world is steadily leading to an intellectual decline. We spend years of our lives thinking about the present state of affairs in our lives – introspecting. In an era of emails, text messages, Facebook and Twitter, we choose to stay unaware of the plight the world is struggling with.

Is there a solution to our ever-skulking problems? With these notions and ideas in mind. Olivier Bonhomme, an artist, based in Montpellier, France illustrated the sophisticated yet complex modern life in the form of art.

Here’s a glimpse of his take on modern-day life:

A modern-day girl, dwelling in loneliness.

Hazards of urban living.

A rare sight.

A companion can be found in the strangest of places.

When fairs used to be fun.

They all just want attention.

Contemplating life as a millennial.

Adventure first.

Running against time.

Free from the shackles of urbanization.

Advancement through technology.

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