Her Mother Doesn’t Understand Her Daughters Depression. Sabrina Benaim Explains The Best Way She Could

Sabrina Benaim Explains Depression Beautifully.

Depression is a horrible illness. Many people go through it, even those who you thought were perfect. It is very hard to properly explain the meaning of depression, if you ask me. It is different for everybody but it leaves everyone a husk of their old self.

Sabrina Benaim, however, explained it beautifully. The following video is sure to bring tears to your eyes. It shows what many people go through everyday and how we should try to be there for them, rather than questioning everything.

She might be using her mother as an example, but she clears up all the common misconceptions that people associate with depression. The following are just three examples from the video.

#1 Depression Is Not Necessarily Triggered By Traumatic Incidents.

This is a common misconception. Many people think depression is usually triggered by a single vent or a series of traumatic events. However, that is not true at all. Most of the time, depression just appears out of nowhere.

You usually don’t get a warning, so if one of your friends or family is going through this. Don’t ignore it as just a bad mood. They might be going through something serious.

#2 Depression Doesn’t Make You Eternally Sad.

People who haven’t gone through depression don’t understand that it is not an eternal sadness. Depression can be a compilation of complex feelings. I understand that people with depression can be sad but they can also feel many things. That includes anxiety, anger and worry.

#3 Depression Can’t Just Vanish In A Day.

What people don’t understand is that depression is not something that you can just snap out of. It is not only a mental illness either. It messes with your biology too. Many environmental and biological factors effect depression.

Many people think that the saying ‘Fake It Till You Make It’ applies to people effected by depression. It doesn’t. Depression is a biological illness that effects your whole state of being.

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