People Claimed Ryan Reynolds & His Wife Blake Is In ‘Struggling’ Marriage & He Had Best Response For It

Ryan Reynolds is a treasure.

The Canadian actor has played many iconic roles over the years, but perhaps the most relevant is him donning the persona of Deadpool. The Merc With A Mouth has a cult following and an intense fanbase, all of who adore Reynolds’ portrayal of the character. But that’s not all, the reason it’s such an ideal casting is because┬áRyan Reynolds as a person himself resembled Wade Wilson to a stark degree.

It’s a perfect casting. It’s essentially Ryan Reynolds playing Ryan Reynolds in a red suit with superpowers!

He’s also loved as a father. His tweets, a particular one which we’ll get to in a bit, are all goldmines of comedy.

Sometimes his daughter is the butt of the joke.

Other times it’s just Ryan Reynolds being Ryan Reynolds.

The girls in his life are not safe from his antics.

In fact, his wife, Blake Lively, has had to deal with his special birthday wishes for years.

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