After Trump Said He Wants To Work With Russia On Cybersecurity, People Are Sharing Their Own Intelligent Security Plans

donald trump

Recently, President Trump and President of Russia Vladimir Putin met at the G20 Summit in Germany.

donald trump

Last Sunday morning, Trump made a tweet that both of the President’s had a talk about creating “ an impassable Cyber Security Unit.”

The replies to his tweet were brilliant and hilarious.

Some people said that probably this would not be a good strategy, Sen. Marco Rubio provided the below likeness and on Meet The Press, Sen, Lindsey Graham said: “It’s not the dumbest idea I have ever come across, but it’s pretty close.”

Many people started tweeting about their OWN plans for the impenetrable security partnerships – like this partnership between racoon and man.

Or this element that will certainly save the cheese.

So damn protected!

That’s rational.

The brilliant tactics went on and on…


…and on.



Ah, a deceiver in the coop.

Best of luck with cyber security, America!

Donald Trump Cybersecurity

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