10 Animals That Are So Round They’ll Roll Straight Into Your Heart

Animals come in many different shapes and sizes, that’s one thing you don’t need to be a zoologist to know. And the cutest shape you can find in all the animal kingdom is round- who can resist when an animal rolls up into a little ball of cuteness? Well, not us as we now have a list of some of the cutest little fuzzballs you will ever see.

From little hamsters that look like snowballs to big bushy brown owls, all these animals have rounded themselves into peak cuteness, and absolutely none of it is fake. Take a scroll through this list and comment on which is your favorite below! Though, how can you pick, they are all so fluffy…

#1. Firstly, there’s this little ball of adorable prickles. Just look at its tiny feet!



#2. This Japanese Flying Squirrel looks like he’s going nowhere fast and that is OK by me.

Pop Shiretoko

#3. This pregnant guinea pig won’t be round much longer by the looks of it…


#4. This owl is just so cute; I want to squeeze him…


#5. This bird is just as round and just as cute too.

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