The Rock And Kevin Hart Just Roasted The Heck Out Of Each Other And We Enjoyed Every Moment Of It

Kevin Hart is the only one who gets away with insulting DJ.

Who would ever want to insult Dwayne Johnson? Even as a joke? Have you seen the guy? But Kevin Hart had no problem exchanging hilarious insults with The Rock. It might be because they have previously worked together and are quite good friends.

It all happened in the BBC Radio 1‘s “Playground Insults.” They had uninterrupted five minutes to diss each other. While other celebrities need tad bit more time to ramp up but the gloves had come off the moment Kevin Hart opened his mouth.

It all started with Dwayne Johnsen’s nose and how it looked like Janet Jackson.

The Rock was not going to back down, however.

You know how sometimes people get under your skin and you just hate them?


Then it escalated to Kevin calling The Rock a “nipple head.”

Dwayne Johnson’s breath smells like sh*t on the regular…nobody knows it. You wanna know where the eyebrow raise came from?

It came from the reaction of people when he goes, ‘hello’ and everybody goes: (cue Kevin harts expression.)

Many secrets were revealed. “That’s what the rock is cooking, sh*tty breath.”

The Rock was quick to fire back.

Kevin is the spokesperson for Invisalign. His bottom row of teeth are having a meeting and they’re all unhappy right now.


You can check out the whole video below. And who wants to miss this?

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