30 Memes About Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Drama Which Are Better Than The Drama Itself

Kardashians: Do I Need To Say More?

Everyone has something to say about them. Some love them unconditionally and some love to hate them. You might have heard about Black Chyna and Rob Kardashian getting married and having a baby girl.

Many people were quite sure they were going to end badly. I must say they were not wrong. When eventually it did happen, Rob Kardashian took to Instagram to vent. He even went as far to post her nudes and phone number there. You might want to know, that it is illegal to post unprecedented nudes in California.

However, when he got removed from Instagram, he moved on to Twitter.


She Apparently Got Liposuction With His Money.


All the drama aside. Many fans weighed in on theirย life. We decided to choose the funniest thirty memes for your enjoyment.

#1 Liposuction With Rob Kardashian’s Money.

#2 Thinking Like A Genius On Drugs.

#3 Gotta Wipe Everything From Existence.

#4 The Floor Is Lava.

#5 Rob Just Having Some Revenge.


#6 They Seem To Be Psychic.

#7 Comparing Trump To Rob Kardashian.

#8 Do You See The Unbelievable Surprise On My Face?


#9 Learning Something New.

#10 Acknowledging Rob And Chyna.

#11 So Easy To Become A Millionaire.

#12ย I ThOuGHt YoU LOVed ME.


#13 Trump Is Negotiating A Deal With Chyna.

#14 Still Don’t Look Like Kim.

#15 When Did They Have Surgeries?

#16 Kris Knows What’s Up.

#17 Hitting Rob Kardashian.


#18 As I Said Before, What Surgeries?

#19 The Best Meme, A Meta One.


#20 That’s A Puntastic Meme.

#21 That Is Anย Entrepreneur Right There.


#22 Well, Don’t Know What To Say To That.

#23 What Is Up With People Comparing Trump To Rob?

#24 I Don’t Think He Was In The Mean Girls.

#25 Sounds Like The Kardashians Alright.

#26 You Gotta Get To Twitter Before It Is Too Late.

#27 I Know The Feeling.


#28 Even Snoop Dog Weigh’s In.

#29 At Least The Fans Are Having Fun, Right?

#30 Rob Has The Blessing Of Tyga.


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