10+ Hilarious Roasts of Zuckerberg Testifying in Front of Congress

The secret of Mark Zuckerberg has finally been revealed!

And what is that secret, you ask? He is a robot! Wait, you already knew that? Damn, I am late to the party yet again. Jokes aside, when Zuckerberg was testifying in front of the Congress, he honestly had no expression on his face.

Understandable, that freaked everyone out. I mean, maybe he really is a robot sent by aliens to find humanity’s deepest darkest secrets. So you can understand why Twitter would make fun of his ’emotional expression.’

So scroll on below and take a look at some of the most hilarious roasts ever created especially for Mark Zuckerberg.

#1 That is actually very true.

#2 ‘Oh did I say something? My circuit board might be malfunctioning again.’

#3 Love that soulless expression.

#4 Why don’t we hear what he has to say?

#5 Is this only a coincidence?

#6 I actually had the same question.

#7 What does that have to do with this?

#8 ‘Oh yes, I’d love to do this again next week.’

#9 I see his smiling function is malfunctioning again.

#10 Very true, I barely recognized him.

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