A New Meme On Internet Is Trending And It Comes From A X-rated Movie And We Can’t Stop Laughing

Memes are the lifeblood of the online universe

Whether we’re talking about Salt Bae or how Jet Fuels Can’t Melt Steel Beams, nothing is off limits. And they usually go viral within the span of a few hours, with everyone adding their own twists to it here and there. And I’m here to tell you that there’s a new one going around this very moment, and it’s happening right in front of your salad.

I know you’re confused, that’s usually how new memes get you.

This recent one usually involves saying something of disbelief or something that’ll get a rise out of you, followed by, “Really? Right in front of my salad?”

Just look at them

What’s even funnier about it is the context


It actually originated from a gay porno, as in por— no, I’m not joking

And it’s funnier when people find out where the meme actually came from


It came from a movie known as Private Lessons 3, wherein two males were having sex behind the counter. They do thisΒ while they’re talking to their friend, the one that went viral, because the moment she realises what’s going on, she exclaims:

Β β€œAre you two fucking? Are you serious? Right in front of my salad?!”

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