10+ Absolutely Ridiculous WikiHow Questions That Were Answered Even When We Didn’t Need Them To Be

WikiHow has answers for everything.

And when I say everything, I mean everything. I never knew I wanted to find out how to be a Civil War Corpse, but now I do. If you love wasting your time on dumb things, WikiHow is perfect for you.

Here are 10+ absolutely ridiculous WikiHow questions that were actually answered:

#1 How to Descend a Staircase with Elegance.

#2 How To Create a Love Altar

#3 How To Survive a Super Comet Hitting Earth

#4 How to Act like a Mermaid at School.

#5 How to Pee Yourself as a Woman.

#6 How To Act Like a Robot

#7 How to Spot a Spy

#8 How to Trust a Wife

#9 How to Become a Civil War Corpse

#10 How to Make People Think You Have Ice Powers (for Girls)

#11 How to Get Your Mom to Stop Blogging About Your Life

#12 How to Be Okay with Having a Communist Friends

#13 How to Impress Middle School Boys with Your Knowledge of “Family Guy.”

#14 How to Live It Up Before You’re Twelve

#15 How to Get Your Family to Be Naked

#16 How To Wake Up From The American Dream

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