These Hilariously Ridiculous Vintage Ads Will Make You Question Everything

Modern adverts are pretty sub-par.

Sometimes you see an ad and it’s just so lame and ineffective that you wonder how no one thought it was a bad idea? Like, it just falls flat so comically and hilariously, you wonder how so many people who worked on it didn’t wonder “is this really such a good idea?”

Well, if you thought modern ads were bad, just wait till you see vintage ads.

Source: Imgur

#1 A-Bomb Contamination.

“In the event of an A-Bomb attack wash contamination away with Flobar.”

#2 Seat for Baby Straddles Your Lap When Riding in Car.

“This seat solves the problem of holding a small child in a car.”

#3 Black Dynamite.

“One good thing leads to another.”

#4 Cigarette Holder for Nudists

“Faced with the problem of carrying cigarettes when no pockets were available…”

#5 Cockroach racing.

“Run! Little cockroach run!”

#6 Edible undergarments.

“They taste like cake!”

#7 Hairy chest!

“Is it true the amazing secret of psychokenesis gives you a hairy chest!”

#8 Hear Muffs.

“The first headphones you wouldn’t kick out of bed.”

#9 Jail Jamas

“The Daring Gift for Married Folks.”

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