Ridiculous Client Bullied This Woman Because She Couldn’t Afford The Product & The Chat Is Infuriating

Are you ready for some blood boiling and cursing?

Have you ever been annoyed by a really dumb customer who just won’t give up? They think they know everything, don’t they?

Sure, you should take the saying “the customer is always right” seriously but what about when they start bullying you out of nowhere? I mean, if you want to buy something, you would have to pay the price for it, won’t you?

But some people don’t understand how much time, energy and skills are invested in creating something beautiful and worthy of buying. We came across something very similar. Or should we say, someone?

So a guy messages this lady who knits and crochets stuff in her free time and sells them occasionally inquiring about ordering a blanker for his girlfriend. But when the lady informs him of the price… Well, let’s just say he didn’t quite agree with her. Let’s find out more, shall we?

Meet Kat. Oh, and her cat, Kovu too. Kat’s hobbies include crocheting. And her cat’s hobbies involve wearing Kat’s amazingly crocheted caps. Adorable, isn’t it?

Check it out; she creates some really awesome things out of wool!

But enough of that. Let’s check out the conversation that happened between her and her prospective client. Here goes.

Sarcastic much?

Here he tells her the specifications of the blanket.

Wait for it.

Oh, wait. Is that too much for the blanket you want to be made?


How completely infuriating can some people be?

She still dealt him with patience and composure that most of us would have lost by now if we were in her shoes.

LOL. Way to shut him up. But considering his stubbornness, he wasn’t going to shut up anytime soon.

Dude, you are not the boss here!? I totally admire this lady’s stamina for dealing with him.

Just who does he think he is?


Who gives a shit about that?

What a comeback! *CLAPS* Oh and just so you know…

And you know how people eagerly respond to everything. Sharing their own views…

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