People Are Revamping The Famous ‘Hand Turkey’ Drawing And This Time It’s Getting Out Of Hand

Even hand turkeys need a makeover sometimes.

Every person draws a hand turkey at least once in their lifetime. Our kid brain marvels at the complexity of our artistic beauty. However, when we grow up, we try to understand why our parents put this monstrosity on the fridge.

The age-old process of drawing a hand turkey is back. This time it’s getting a much-needed makeover. 2017 was an ‘interesting’ year to say the least so why not show this in our art?

#1 Let’s start with a Stranger Things turkey.

#2 Ahh, Who could forget Kim Kardashian?

#3 Then there is the Lady Gaga hand turkey.

#4 This hand turkey with only an underwear.

#5 Trumpturkey

#6 The rock and roll hand turkey.

#7 This gorgeous hand turkey.

#8 Justice League hand turkey.

#9 Arachno-Turkey.

#10 Monster hand turkey.

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