This Absolute Madman Revamped All 151 Pokemon As Garfield & The Results Will Make You Uncomfortable

Are you a fan of both the Pokemon and the Garfield?

If you are, then we have just the thing for you. Recently, a Chicago-based artist, Shawn Bowers, came up with a different idea and combined all the 151 Pokemon with Garfield. I know it sounds strange, but you should see this. The cool part about this is that the individual identity is kept intact while at the same time both the characters from Pokemon and the super lazy cat Garfield are merged together into a whole new character. And as far as the results are concerned it really depends on your perception, but I tell you this it is definitely interesting. The entire project is called Garfemon.

So far the artist has successfully merged 46 out of 151 Pokemon with the famous lasagne-loving cat. Most people from X and Y generations that are fans of both the Pokemon and the Garfield would love it.

So do you wanna see what’s it like to merge a lazy cat Garfield with a much lazier slowpoke? Then scroll down and check out these awesome Garefmons yourself!

More work at Insta|Tumblr.

1. Garfpix (Vulpix).

2. Bulbagarf (Bulbasaur).

3. Golgarf(Golbat).

4. Cugarf (Cubone).

5. Tangelgarf (Tangela).

6. Garfiwag (Poliwag).

7. Garflax (Snorlax).

 8. Psygarf (Psyduck).

 9. Garfmander (Charmander).

 10. Eevefield (Eevee).

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