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Retail Worker Takes Vengeance After A Woman Asks For A Discount On A 50 Cent Ornament

Retail Worker Takes Vengeance After A Woman Asks For A Discount On A 50 Cent Ornament

This woman knows nothing about Christmas spirit

I mean, isn’t Christmas all about sharing and being nice to each other? While I don’t personally know every person out there, people should at least be a decent human beings on Christmas.

Apparently, this woman didn’t get the memo. This story actually happened over 17 years ago so the woman might have changed by now. But you see it all started when this woman who seemed well-off decided to ask for a discount on a 50 cent decoration.

And when the retail worker didn’t give it to her for 25 cents, she got angry and started arguing with the retail worker. Scroll on below and take a look at how the retail worker got revenge.

Source: Facebook

This was the woman who worked retail 17 years ago, Sarah Belanger Demaneuf.

And this is the ornament that started it all.

So are you ready for a vengeful Christmas story?

It is clear that it was all about power play rather than money.

Okay, wow. That is a lot of steps to take, but it is understandable.

Good on you for teaching that woman a lesson!

People were generally pretty positive towards the former retail worker.

Working in retail seems to be quite hard work, and you don’t even get appreciated for anything.

Watery eyes? Revenge tales are bringing the world together once again.

I think she is a hero for all of us.

So what do you think about this revenge tale? Comment down below and let us know.

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