This Restaurant Employs Waiters With Dementia For A Very Good Reason

There are limited ways to make your restaurant outing memorable.

You could, of course, make better food. Or have popular groups play music. Invite famous music groups, even. But those are what I will call “conventional” methods. And even conventionally good restaurants aren’t memorable. They’re good, of course, but they don’t have… Flair.

Recently, a Japanese restaurant has just that. Flair.

Named The Restaurant of Order Mistakes (a spin on a popular Japanese book called The Restaurant of Many Orders), this eatery had waiters and waitresses with dementia take your order. From 2nd to 4th of June, the trial period would aim to question and challenge your established opinions.

Getting your order wrong is one of the greatest offences a restaurant can do, but The Restaurant of Order Mistakes aimed to provide just that.

Mizuho Kudo

Mizuho Kudo, a food critic, went to check the eatery out.

Found in Tokyo’s Toyosu district with a strange but charming appeal, it’s no wonder it garnered attention from a critic. The work staff has Alzheimer’s or dementia and it’s a very different yet charming idea.

You go in with the understanding that your order might become mixed up and that’s just part of the experience.


The critic had ordered a hamburger steak.

Instead, she got gyoza dumplings. She didn’t mind, though. It was, as I said before, a part of the experience. The dumplings were delicious and the waiters and waitresses were all smiles.


The premise of The Restaurant of Order Mistakes is unique.

Getting your orders mixed up is usually a call for bad service. Not in this case.


In this case, it’s just part and parcel of the whole deal.

Mizuho Kudo made a point that the staff was happy to serve them.


I don’t know about you, but this has my attention.

Good food with just enough mystery to keep you interested? I’m in.

Mizuho Kudo

Maggie’s Tokyo (The Japanese version of Maggie’s Centres in the UK) is part of the initiators.

And they’re planning another event like this one.


It’ll be similar, but not quite the same.

But either way, it will be charming as all hell, just like this event was.


If you missed this one and you find yourself remembering this in September.

The event I mentioned will be on world’s Alzheimer’s day, on the 21st of September.


They’re raising awareness, and serving you great food.

It definitely breaks the mould of the norm and challenges your perception of what we usually see as a debilitating disease.

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