Restaurant Staff Surprise This Couple With A Hilariously Perfect Pun That Will Cheer You Up

People like to do nice things once in a while.

And that is quite surprising. I mean the Internet is usually filled with articles and lists about weird and horrific things that people have done. While that is quite entertaining to read, it can be quite disheartening to see no hope for society.

However, fear not! There might be hope for our society. You see when one women’s lung collapsed, she had to go through surgery. Her boyfriend Scott though wanted to surprise her after her operation.

So when he informed the Restaurant staff about the special occasion, they went beyond a normal surprise and did something truly beautiful for them. And as we all know, Puns make everything better.

Yes, that does say “We belung together.”

Unsurprisingly, The tweet went viral with over 51,000 comments and 279,000 likes. And I can clearly see why. I mean is that sweet or what?

And to top it all off, They even got the lungs perfectly right.

The perfect equation for happiness.

Oh really? A small world indeed then.

And he also presumably left a huge tip.

Which was very well earned.


I can imagine. I would be too.

I would love to go there honestly.

Why have I never gone to a restaurant like this?

What are your thoughts on the sweet message the restaurant staff left for the couple? Comment on below and let us know.

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