Restaurant Owner Savagely Puts Entitled Racist Woman To Her Place When She Doesn’t Doesn’t Get Her Way

Just because a restaurant is open, doesn’t mean they have to serve you.

While I know, that is the main objective of a business. Nobody is entitled to service and let’s be honest; Every business owner has to keep in mind that the apparent customer doesn’t disturb other customers or ruin their experience.

This is especially true for a restaurant business. But because of websites like Yelp, we can check the reviews of any company before actually going there. However, this also gives a platform to rude people who love to ruin businesses.

The following person falls in this category. However, The owner of this restaurant wasn’t going to stand for this unnecessary lie,┬áso he put the customer in their place.

Source: Reddit

Every business has the right to refuse services.

They started by pointing out that the owner apparently has “weak business ethics.”

And then the owner apparently threatened them.

However, it doesn’t end there. They had a lot more to say.

It’s not really his fault that 42 people are waiting, is it?

But the actual owner was quick to put the customers in their place and posted about what had actually happened.

He pointed out how they haven’t given a single good review to anyone.

And it sure as hell seems that they were quite entitled.

Seems understandable. Anyone in his place would do the same.

After all, they were not the only customer.

And then he ended it with the perfect response.

People were quite supportive of the owner. After all, hearing the other side of the story is very important.

While some shared their own experiences.

Very true. You need at least 2 hours.

She was wrong from the start but was too stupid to realize that.

However, some people called out Yelp for their abhorrent way of dealing with reviews.

Comment on below and let us know what you think about this story. Do you think the owner was right to refuse service or should he have been more courteous?

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