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Teacher's Punishment Prompted A Perfect Comeback From An 11-Year-Old Girl

Teacher’s Punishment Prompted A Perfect Comeback From An 11-Year-Old Girl

Schools can be pretty hectic.

Especially public schools. I mean, there was that one time when the school needlessly dress-coded a young girl. But besides that, there are countless cases of unfairness and double standards. So when a little kid comes along that can put all the nay-sayers in place, the internet fawns over it.

This week’s little kid is one Ava Morrison-Bell. Ava is an 11-year old girl from the UK who was asked a very simple question.

What can the teacher(s) do better?

Her response is not only accurate but held up by factual evidence.

The father tweeted the image

Twitter || @MasonCrossBooks

It reads:

Not use collective punishment as it is not fair on the many people who did nothing and under the 1949 Geneva Convention, it is a war crime 

The father, and all of his followers, were taken aback by her statement.

He captioned the image:

Twitter || @MasonCrossBooks

Ava certainly isn’t someone who hates school or her teacher. It’s just that she has some very important input to give.

Twitter || @MasonCrossBooks

The Twitterverse is having a field day. After all, she gave the necessary and appropriate answer that they asked of her.

Twitter || @karinjr

She’s definitely a lawyer in the making.

Twitter || @technollama

Give her some ice-cream, Cross!

Twitter || @calamur

Definitely, give her some ice-cream.

Twitter || @KiranManral

People are more than willing to fund her years’ supply of dairy goodness.

Twitter || @PedestrianPoet

Better yet, step your game up and buy her an entire parlour!

Twitter || @JustinSalhani

She should have the Geneva Convention framed up on her bed.

Twitter || @NW6Penguin

But the real question is… Did she get the ice-cream?

Twitter || @MasonCrossBooks

What do you think? Do you side with the teacher or the school? As someone who went through a multitude of military schools, I think they could all learn a little something from Ava.


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