Savage Girl Has A Brutal Response To Prom Her Date Who Said Her Dress Is ‘Too Revealing’

Madison Witham is about to go to her prom.

And as many women already know, dress shopping for your prom is a rite of passage. You have to find just the right dress that accentuates all your good features, and shows off exactly what you want. Make it a night to remember. And when you find that one dress, the perfect dress, you’re conflicted between showing it off there and then and waiting for the grand reveal for your prom date.

Witham came to a compromise. She took a picture of the dress, but showed her date in black and white so that the colour wasn’t revealed to him. Unfortunately, his reaction wasn’t exactly what you’d expect. In fact, it was the opposite of useful, it was down right offensive.

But Witham handled it with class and elegance.


As you can see, his response was less than spectacular, and she had none of it.


She dropped him like a bad habit.


And everyone loved her for it.



What’s not to love about someone who didn’t take sh*t?

Everyone wanted to see the dress now.


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