10+ Rescued Dogs Relishing Their First Ever Christmas Will Make Your Day Much Better

  • By Silas
  • December 19, 2018
  • 3 minutes read

So this is Christmas!

The beautiful festive season surrounding the day of Christmas often finds people engaging in kind acts of love. Donating to the homeless, helping out the elderly, providing for the orphans; the general atmosphere is that of giving. And adopting rescue dogs is up there among the most generous deeds.

While it’s true that doggos don’t know it’s the Christmas season, they do know that something special is going on. For these fur babies down here, it was their first time experiencing the joy of Christmas. All aboard the feels train!


#1 Axel waits for his gifts

#2 BamBam wonders what his gift could be

#3 Bhobi at peace

#4 Carson’s first Christmas is cosy

#5 Daphne is all her dad could have asked for

#6 Diesel and Princess moments before opening their first Xmas gifts

#7 Fiona is prepared

#8 It’s Harley’s first snow too

#9 This good boy in his jammies is a poser

#10 Jerry is excited because he got a stocking for himself

#11 Koda looks beautiful

#12 Lyra relaxes on a cold Christmas day

#13 Marley gets a much-needed nap

#14 Penny’s home is almost as pretty as her

#15 Prince and his Mom enjoying Christmas!

#16 Remi has brought a gift for you too

#17 Sadie is confused but cooperates with the traditional Xmas tree pose

#18 Somi enjoys expressing herself

#19 Susie the black-nosed Pittie

#20 Zarya wants to join Santa’s team

#21 Ziggy and his mom make each other the happiest

#22 One of Santa’s elves

#23 DaVinci dressed up for the big day

#24 Rowdy with his family’s stockings

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#25 Zero has her own home inside the new home

May these pure souls live a joyful life. They might have missed out on a few years of happiness, but their loving parents are determined to make them the happiest dogs in the world.

Can you adopt a rescue dog and change their life? It’s a Christmas gift of the best kind to save a life!

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